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All online orders are shipped via UPS daily, Monday through Thursday. (In the event of a national holiday, orders will be processed the next business day.) Orders placed between Thursday and weekend will be shipped the following Monday.

Tracking information will be sent in a separate email on the respective of your shipment. If you don't receive the tracking information, please check your junk or spam folders as well.

Please refrigerate the kimchi you ordered immediately after receiving it, and we are not responsible for damage caused by unmanned delivery. 

During times of extreme cold or heat, we reserve the right to hold your order until we can ensure safer shipping conditions. If you opt to have your order shipped during such extreme weather Twins Kimchi cannot be held responsible for the condition of your kimchi once delivered.

If you cannot receive your package in a timely way, please contact us at so that we can reship your packages at a later date.

Due to the sensitive nature of our kimchi, we cannot ship to PO Box addresses and must require a street address. At this time we are also unable to ship to APO addresses or outside of the U.S.

My kimchi did not arrive cold, the package is stinky and leaking! 

We ship all kimchi orders with cold packs to ensure they help maintain the cold temperature during transit. However, they may no longer be cold by the time they arrive, but kimchi is still safe to eat. Kimchi is not true perishables as the raw active fermentation process accelerates the production of lactobacillus, the bacteria that keep food safe as cold temperature helps control the active fermentation and pressure build-up inside the jars. Traditionally before refrigeration, kimchi was buried underground in semi-porous earthenware jars throughout the winter months.

Our kimchi is shipped as soon as it is made. However, kimchi is sensitive to other variables such as weather and temperature.


Use caution when opening kimchi jars

Use caution when opening the jar over the sink and slow opening the lids with a paper towel as there pressure under the lid from active fermentation may build during transit from an active fermentation. Please open the lids slowly over the sink as the contents may spill out and overflow due to active fermentation.

We do our best to prevent breakage or leakage during shipping, but as kimchi’s active natural fermentation continues during shipping, there is a possibility of leakage. This fermentation is perfectly natural and safe to eat.

The lid of the kimchi jar is protruding and looks puffed. Is it safe to eat? 

Your kimchi continues to ferment during shipping. As the pressure builds through this natural fermentation process, it is possible the jar lid will swell and sometimes leak. This is perfectly natural due to the activity of lactobacillus production and gases, and it is safe to consume the kimchi.

My kimchi exploded out of the jar and fizzed like a bottle of Champagne after opening. Is this normal?

100% normal. Our kimchi is raw and unpasteurized which means that it will continue to ferment in the jar. Pressure builds inside the jar which causes contents to protrude out of the jar due to natural fermentation. Each batch and jar is unique as it is alive and not a heat-pasteurized product.

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